Sample Lessons

Here are 10 sample lessons learned on Leadership and then one page of sample detail:

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Create an amazing vision of the future. 20

Work persistently towards your goals. 21

Seek wisdom. 22

Be positive in the face of adversity. 23

If you are not a leader, hire a leader. 24

If you are not a manager, hire a manager. 25

Help people with their health, wealth, and children. 26

Develop and protect your reputation. 27

Do not burn any bridges to anyone. 28

Be honest.

Sample Details of One Lesson - One Per Page

Be honest.

Honesty is truly the best policy.  It reduces stress and increases happiness.

I believe I was honest at all times in all my business dealings over 18 years.  You have no idea how peaceful that makes me feel.  At times, my positive attitude toward a situation may have been perceived as not being honest by someone who was a negative person.  That was a difference of attitude and opinion, not facts.

Life is complex enough.  People who fail to tell the truth add complexity to their external and internal lives.

If anything, I am inclined to be even more direct and honest about thoughts and feelings than in the past.  I realize that this may offend some people – but the people who I want to associate with would not be offended.  I am seeking connections and relationships with people who tell it like it is and are comfortable sharing their experiences, both positive and negative.

I will be honest at all times.