Purpose of Lessonsbushido

                Most entrepreneurs waste time and money on learning lessons in business.  Entrepreneurs often ‘re-invent the wheel,’ spend money in the wrong places, fail to seek wisdom from other businesspeople, and are not aware of valuable products and services for their industry.  Business entrepreneurs include new business startups, self-employed salesperson such as a real estate agent, or a small business of 1-100 employees.

Business entrepreneurs can save time and money by learning from the lessons of other entrepreneurs.  Too many entrepreneurs fail to seek knowledge from others, and do not invest enough time in learning from successful entrepreneurs to model their success.

In my first business, I was one of the entrepreneurs who wasted time and money.  From 1986 to 2004, I grew Gnossos Software with $1,000 invested from 0 clients to about 200 clients and from $0 revenue to over $2,000,000 at the peak.  But it took me 18 years to achieve what should have taken about 5 years.  I spent about 10+ years learning lessons about being an entrepreneur and running a small business.  The company was successfully sold in 2004 with a good financial outcome.  I spent 2005 on sabbatical to spend time with my family, relax, travel, spend more time with friends, and read and learn.  As part of my sabbatical, I wrote a book for myself of Lessons Learned from my 20 years in business.  It is organized in 10 topics of business vision, leadership, finances, marketing, sales, customers, operations, people, management, and goal focus.  Within each topic, I wrote 10 lessons.  Overall, about 80 lessons are about things I did wrong or failed to do.  About 20 are about things I feel I did correctly or well.

My purpose was to reflect seriously on my first business and 20 years in business, in order to be much smarter in my next businesses.  The new businesses I started in 2006 are all organized around my summary of Lessons Learned. 

I wrote the book for myself.  When I shared it with fellow entrepreneurs, I received positive feedback on the benefit of such a book.  I also became aware that I read far more widely (about 50-100 non-fiction books a year) than most entrepreneurs and that many people wished they read more but did not find the time or desire.  Based on this, I am exploring these options and seeking feedback or involvement:

·                     Get feedback on draft of Lessons Learned to edit and focus book.

·                     Publish as e-book and PDF to provide for free to friends/colleagues and YEO/YPO community, which is a group of global entrepreneurs.

·                     Provide an email newsletter series, perhaps titled 100 Lessons for Entrepreneurs in 100 Days, which would offer one a day with feedback.

·                     If successful with free distribution, self-publish book for retail website sales as e-book and paperback via Amazon and online retailers.

·                     Ask for one page lessons learned summary from other entrepreneurs and compile into additional books or online content or website community.

Thanks for reading!

Steve Kantor