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Lessons Learned helps save you time and money in growing your business by learning from others.

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This book of Lessons Learned is written by Steve Kantor, President of Lifebushido and delivered via an email series of 100 lessons, all one page or less.  These are the lessons learned in first 20 years of business in building Gnossos Software, Inc. and successfully selling the company to Vocus, Inc. in November 2004.  Read the purpose of website or see sample lessons.

You can purchase the book - Lessons Learned by a Young Entrepreneur.
Also, in production, is Lessons Learned: Billion Dollar Agent about real estate agents who have sold over $1 billion in real estate in their career.

If you would like to contribute your entrepreneurial lessons learned, no matter how brief, or comment on this website or lessons, please email Steve Kantor.